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The Only Limit Is the One You Set Yourself


So we need to talk about limits. I continually find it fascinating how frequently we say “I can’t.” Now sometimes there actually are genuine limitations for whatever it is we want to get done but they are incredibly rare.


The reasons we come up with for not doing something we want to do are really just obstacles. And obstacles, while they can at times be legitimately challenging, are still just obstacles.


Being in the entrepreneurial space one of the most frequent “I’d love to but I can’t” statements is creating a startup. It’s often the same pattern. Someone will approach me with an idea they’re really excited about and my eyes light up as they usually do whenever someone is sharing something they’re enthusiastic about.


I then start talking about implementation plans at which point their facial expression has a big WHOA look on it. And then the inevitable comes, “that would be great but I…CAN’T do that right now because I have no (insert excuse: money, time, resources, energy).” There’s always a reason NOT to do something. There’s never a good time to start a business or personal venture as some new issue will always arise.


However, the people who actually turn their business into a reality and stick with it are the ones who recognize the myriad of crushing obstacles and issues and then walk boldly through them.


The key is to decide how much you want to start a business or whatever it is (and be honest with yourself). It could be opening a non-profit, completing a triathlon, opening an art studio etc. In any of these examples, if you WANT IT bad enough then you’ll do what’s necessary to get it done.


I say we stop setting limits on ourselves, stop saying “I can’t,” and instead FIND A WAY to make it happen. 

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